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Pymble Ladies College

Pymble Ladies College

NSW, Sydney Northern Suburbs









Message from the Principal

The best education in the world offers students at every age and stage myriad opportunities to grow, develop and learn; to graduate with the confidence and capabilities to be the next leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators; to be future ready, for whatever that future holds. This doesn’t happen when students sit behind a desk and are told by teachers how things work. That was the old way. Today, real and relevant learning happens when students live the lesson; when they ‘do’, ‘experience’ and ‘create’.

 As the world continues to change, our capacity as a college to look to the future and to provide experiences that enable our girls to succeed requires a different mindset to “this is the way it has always been done”. Education needs to be agile, forward-thinking and based on strategy.

 At Pymble, a key part of our strategy is our Personalised Education pedagogy. We “know, guide and challenge” our girls to follow their academic and cocurricular passions, giving them the right balance of independence and support to aim high and to succeed in whichever areas they choose.

 We offer a world of local and international opportunities and experiences for students to develop the skills they require to succeed in tertiary study and in the work environment – skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and problem solving, not to mention a genuine love of scholarship.

 We underpin this deep, rich learning environment with a wellbeing program that prioritises each student’s mental and physical health, and a college-wide commitment to our core values of Care, Courage, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.

 Our graduates leave Pymble with a growth mindset and the knowledge, passion, confidence and skillset to be the change they want to see in the world.

Mrs Vicki Waters

School Details

Principal: Dr Kate Hadwen

Avon Road Pymble NSW 2073

Tel: (02) 9855 7799

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