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Stuartholme School

Stuartholme School

QLD, Brisbane City Central & Northern Suburbs









Student Profile

Name: Annella Casey

Year Level: 11

Favourite Subject:

Meet a real champion

Being able to make a difference to someone, inspiring other girls and bringing change are just some of the reasons why Year 11 student, Annella Casey devotes so much of her time to volunteering and social justice initiatives.

Even when schools were closed and most of the country was in lockdown, Annella took part in a virtual Auslan Program, organised by Stuartholme School, where students could learn the Australian Sign Language.

‘I do know someone who is deaf, and I thought this would be wonderful way for me to gain a better understanding of what their life might be like when trying to communicate with the hearing world,’ Annella explained.

In her role as a UQ Science Ambassador, Annella hopes to inspire other girls to take science, technology and mathematics subjects.

‘I remember seeing the UQ Science Ambassadors when I was in Year 7 and they inspired me. The Science Ambassadors’ role is to show students the many career opportunities available if they go on to study science, plus share latest news and celebrate fun events, such as National Science Week.

‘Stuartholme provides so many opportunities to get involved in volunteering and in leadership, which is a fun way to meet new people. These opportunities give me a chance to do my part in making positive changes in people’s lives.’

School Details

Principal: Ms Kristen Sharpe

365 Birdwood Terrace Toowong QLD 4066

Tel: (07) 3369 5466

School Profile:

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