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Christian College Geelong

Christian College Geelong

VIC, Barwon-South Western









Williams House Kindergarten and Butterfield House Kindergarten + Care

Williams House Kindergarten (Belmont) and Butterfield House Kindergarten + Care (Torquay) are both vibrant early childhood environments. 

Both centres cater for Pre-kinder and Pre-school children, with Butterfield House also offering day care positions for Surf Coast families.

The programs at our kindergartens approach curriculum as ‘everything’ that happens during our time together. High value is placed on creating a sense of community as well as respect for the individual learning needs and interests of the children.

Junior Schools – Belmont, Drysdale and Torquay

(Surf Coast Campus offering 2018 Prep positions only)

Catering for children from Prep through to Year 4, our Junior Schools are entirely focused on meeting the needs of our students in their early years of schooling. 

The curriculum, pastoral care, playground, classrooms and series of special events held throughout the year all provide for the children to fully experience the joys of being a child.

The academic program is designed to capture children’s innate desire to learn. Inquiry based and student centred learning is balanced with very intentional and explicit teaching to promote student engagement.

There is also a purposeful inclusion across the program of the development of positive qualities of character — honesty, compassion, commitment, empathy, respect and care for others, so that our students are equipped to become positive, contributing and responsible citizens in future years.

Middle Schools — Highton and Drysdale

Students starting Middle School at Years 5 or Year 6 have the important opportunity to gain a head start in learning the structure and expectations of secondary school studies prior to reaching adolescence. 

An innovative program for gifted students, called ‘Q’ed’, provides a catalogue of challenging projects with collaborative learning to ensure the talents of these students are given every chance to blossom. 

Great opportunities are given for students to participate in sporting teams, musical ensembles, bands or choirs along with dance groups and musical productions. Such activities and competition develop students’ confidence in their own abilities and establish good self-esteem which is vital during the early adolescent years.

Key facts

School uniform

School Uniform

The uniform is compulsory

Number of students

Total enrolment: 1485
Up to Year 6: 833
In high school: 652

Gender in depth

Other requirements

Boarding school

Offer IB

Accepts international students

Offers VCAL

Offers VET

Our Curriculum

Subjects overview

Subjects overivew

Math classes: streamed
English classes: mixed
LOTE taught:
Indonesian, Japanese

Senior secondary subjects overview

Senior Secondary Subjects overivew

60 VCE level 3/4 studies
283 VCE students

Senior secondary programs overview

Senior Secondary programs overivew

26 VET program(s) available
64 VET students
VCAL Available

How our students performed in Year 12

Academic Results

Scores of 40+ 8%

Median Score 32

Satisfactory completions of VCE 98%

Satisfactory completions of VET 84%


Bachelor enrolled 50%

TAFE/VET enrolled 6%

Apprentice/Trainee 6%

Employed 14%

Activities and Support staff



14 music options
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19 sporting activities
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15 other clubs, activities and services
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Support staff

Support Staff

42 support staff
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