02nd March 2020

Student Stories: Taking a Year 12 subject in Year 10

Victorian student Paige tells us about her experience taking a Year 12 subjects two years early.

07th January 2020

Student Stories: How I chose my subjects for Year 11

Canberra student Bridie shares how she narrowed down which subjects to study in Year 11.

11th September 2018

Top performing schools in Victoria: How did metro stack up against their rural counterparts

How does academic performance in Melbourne compare with regional Victoria?

02nd February 2018

Is it worth doing a unit 3/4 subject in Year 11?

Compare the positives and negatives to make the right decision about your education in Year 12.

Top VCE schools 2014

08th April 2016

Top VCE schools 2014

With the release of Victorian ATARs this week, it's time to reveal Victoria's top-performing schools for 2014.

Top 20 schools in Victoria

08th April 2016

Top 20 schools in Victoria

VCE results are not only a measure of individual students' performance against their cohort; they also provide a good indication of school's academic excellence for parents choosing a school.

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