New South Wales school term dates

2018 New South Wales School Term Dates

The first day of Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 is a school development day and students are not required to attend school until the following day. School development days also occur on the last two days of the school year (the end of Term 4). Note that the dates listed below apply to government schools and that some schools may alter these dates slightly. It is best to check with individual schools for specific information.

In addition, schools are also closed on public holidays that fall outside the term holidays, such as Australia Day, Labour Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day and Queen’s Birthday.

Because metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas may differ in the public holidays that they recognise, the public holidays observed vary depending on the locality of the school. (See a full list of New South Wales public holidays.)

While non-government schools generally adhere to the listed term dates, they can develop term dates relevant to their own circumstances. Each non-government school's term dates will therefore tend to differ in some ways from government schools and from each other. Non-government schools may differ in the public holidays they observe and many do not grant student-free days, enabling students to have an extra week of holidays in the term breaks instead. Check with your child's school for details.

New South Wales


Term dates 2018


Term 1

29 January — 12 April (Eastern)


5 February — 12 April (Western)

15 April —  26 April

Term 2

29 April — 29 July

8 July — 19 July

Term 3

22 July —  27 September

30 September — 11 October

Term 4

14 October — 20 December

23 December —  27 January 2019 (Eastern)

23 December — 3 February 2019 (Western)



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