News and views from the wider educational sector with a Good Education Group perspective.

28th November 2018

Is it time for a nationwide school uniform policy?

There has been a push for national reform as more schools begin to challenge 'outdated' uniform policies. 

20th November 2018

Robotics in the classroom

Australian students and teachers are starting to share their classrooms with robots.


15th November 2018

Learning a second language in primary school

Should LOTE education become a core component of Australian curriculum? 

18th October 2018

Are electronic exams the way forward?

We analyse the pros and cons of the introduction of electronic exams in Australian high schools. 

25th September 2018

Funding boost for non-government sectors

A stack of cash has been committed to the Catholic and independent sectors.

28th August 2018

What do 2018 NAPLAN results tell us?

The latest data from NAPLAN has landed, with one state achieving some record-breaking results.

17th July 2018

How young people can transition into full-time work

Following these four tips can boost your chances of landing a full-time gig. 

20th June 2018

Why is there a skills shortage in hospitality?

It's hard to believe this plight exists in a city so dedicated to smashed avocado. 

Gonski 2.0: A quick guide to what you need to know

09th May 2018

Gonski 2.0: A quick guide to what you need to know

The priorities, recommendations and findings of David Gonski's review into Australian schools. 

Sacré Cœur STEAM project

01st March 2018

Sacré Cœur STEAM project

The focus is on preparing students for a future of 'unknown unknowns'.

Should schools embrace wellness at work?

19th February 2018

Should schools embrace wellness at work?

We all know teaching can be a stressful profession. 

What's with the lack of male teachers in primary schools?

26th October 2017

What's with the lack of male teachers in primary schools?

There has been a decline in the number of men teaching in Australian primary schools.

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