28th September 2020

Six reasons to study the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Here are six reasons why students are choosing to study the IB over the VCE.

27th August 2020

Remote teaching and learning, Round 2

At the beginning of Term 2, we faced the challenge of shifting our entire curriculum to an online platform.

10th August 2020

Student Stories: Balancing school with extra-curricular activities

Is a school-work-extracurriculars-social life balance even possible? 

side view of teenage girl reading a book while sitting in a library

22nd July 2020

Student Stories: How the pandemic has changed my outlook on life after high school

What happens when your plans for a gap year in Italy go out the window? One student explains.

18th June 2020

Experience the ideal balance at Tintern Grammar

Tintern Grammar offers a balanced learning experience for all its students.

A young women sitting at a wooden desk with head against the surface, and books around her head.

26th May 2020

When should you drop a school subject?

If there’s nothing, or, at least, barely anything, that interests you about the subject, that could be a sign it’s not for you. 

Young woman in yellow sweater sitting down and looking at her phone while smiling

21st May 2020

Student Stories: What I learnt about myself from remote learning

I really missed socialising — suddenly I was no longer sitting next to anyone, chatting on the bus, or catching up before class. 

22nd April 2020

Student Stories: How I’m keeping motivated while learning remotely

Like many others, Year 11 student Bridie has made the swift transition to remote learning. Here's what works for her when it comes to maintaining motivation.

high school kids talking and laughing while studying

15th April 2020

How extra-curricular clubs can help you get the most out of high school

Here are just four ways that extra-curricular clubs can help you get the most out of your high school experience.

Teenage girl with blonde hair sits at a desk with her head in her hands. There is a laptop, a blue mug and a pair of headphones on the desk.

01st April 2020

Student Stories: 5 tips for surviving Year 10

Having got through relatively unscathed, here are my top tips for surviving (and thriving) in Year 10.

School girl walking on a sidewalk during autumn

23rd March 2020

Student Stories: How to cope with moving schools

Moving schools isn't easy for some kids. Read Hope's experience on how she managed to do it.

10th March 2020

Helping your child to pace themselves at school

Parents are the experts on their children, so use your knowledge of your child. Consider these six things.

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