Suburb Spotlight: Berwick

Schools in Berwick

The Good Schools Guide has been keeping a close eye on popular areas for schools across Australia and this time the attention is on Berwick in the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  

Comparing high schools in Berwick

According to The Good Schools Guide, there are 71 schools in the Berwick area, and based on sector, there are 48 government, 13 Catholic and 10 independent institutions. There are only two gender-specific schools in the Berwick region (St Margaret’s School for girls and Berwick Grammar School for boys), while the remaining 69 are coeducational.  

Nossal High School is Victoria’s first coeducational academically selective government high school and since being opened in 2010 it has had a reputation for strong performance, with a median VCE study score of 35 placing Nossal in equal fifth position state-wide. Bialik College, a coeducational independent school in the eastern suburb of Hawthorn East, held top spot outright with a median score of 39.

One of several Monash University campuses is located in Berwick, which would be an appealing option for student wishing to study at uni but remain close to home.

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