NAPLAN review: Top performing schools in Brisbane (City)

NAPLAN tests are conducted in schools, with each state and territory responsible for marking the tests in accordance with strict guidelines and processes.

The results add value to teacher assessments by showing how their students’ achievements compare to a wider group of students across Australia.

NAPLAN results also allow:

  • teachers to better identify students who require greater challenges or additional support
  • schools to identify strengths and weaknesses in teaching and learning programs and to set goals in literacy and numeracy.

It’s important to note that NAPLAN results are just one aspect of schools’ assessment and reporting process and do not replace the extensive ongoing assessments that teachers conduct to measure each student’s performance.

We take a look at the top schools by average NAPLAN score in Brisbane (City), QLD, which consists of 313 schools.

Top primary schools by NAPLAN results in Brisbane (City)

  Grade 3 Grade 5
Grammar Yarranlea Primary School: 603
National average: 432
Rainworth State School: 613
National average: 504
Numeracy St Aidan's Anglican Girls School: 502
National average: 408
Brisbane Grammar School: 590
National average: 494
Reading Rainworth State School: 581
National average: 434
Rainworth State School: 612
National average: 509
Spelling MacGregor State School: 494
National average: 418
MacGregor State School: 573
National average: 502
Writing St Margaret's Anglican Girls School: 492
National average: 407
St Aidan's Anglican Girls School: 533
National average: 465

Top secondary schools by NAPLAN results in Brisbane (City)

  Year 7 Year 9
Grammar Brisbane Girls Grammar School: 645
National average: 544
Mt St Michael's College: 664
National average: 581
Numeracy Brisbane Grammar School: 630
National average: 548

Brisbane Grammar School: 683
National average: 596

Reading Brisbane Girls Grammar School: 616
National average: 542
Brisbane Grammar School: 653
National average: 584
Spelling Brisbane State High School: 612
National average: 545
St Aidan's Anglican Girls School: 646
National average: 583
Writing Brisbane Girls Grammar School: 573
National average: 505
St Aidan's Anglican Girls School: 608
National average: 542


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