22nd July 2019

Queensland students struggling to cope with new ATAR system and more top news

22 July 2019 - Can Queensland students keep up with the new ATAR system? Find out news about sustainability programs and how kids across Queensland celebrate culture.

20th July 2019

NSW Attendance plummets, Sydney to host global maths congress and other top news.

20th July 2019 - What's happening to the attendance rates at schools and Woolaware Public School shares a cute story.

16th July 2019

Busy times ahead for Western Australia's education

Western Australia's education sector is planning to upgrade public school facilities by 2021.

29th April 2019

Courage X Kindness = The Sacré Cœur Way

Built on a foundation of respect, faith, spirit and community, Sacré Cœur’s proud history dates back over 200 years. Find out what makes Sacré Cœur a leading Catholic girls school.

22nd March 2019

Drone initiative flying at Melbourne Girls' Grammar

The Good Schools Guide goes one-on-one with Melbourne Girls' Grammar's Director of STEM Ivan Carlisle.

11th September 2018

Top performing schools in Victoria: How did metro stack up against their rural counterparts

How does academic performance in Melbourne compare with regional Victoria?

03rd September 2018

Top 5: The schools in Victoria with the best study scores

Find out if your school made the cut.

31st August 2018

Top performing schools in Victoria revealed

Check out how your school performed based on median VCE scores and percentage of scores over 40. 

04th June 2018

Suburb Spotlight: Ocean Reef

The Good Schools Guide takes a look at schools in Ocean Reef. 

Suburb Spotlight: Berwick

10th May 2018

Suburb Spotlight: Berwick

The Good Schools Guide takes a look at schools in the suburb of Berwick.

Suburb Spotlight: Toowoomba

26th April 2018

Suburb Spotlight: Toowoomba

The Good Schools Guide takes a look at schools in Toowoomba.

06th April 2018

Best schools in South Australia

Check out the most popular schools from South Australia throughout January. 

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