Happy teenage girl in a park

25th November 2020

Promoting a positive mindset in students and young job seekers

By having hope for a clear pathway, a teenager might feel motivated to re-engage with education or training.    

Teenage girl with in a wood-workshop

14th October 2020

What kind of career activities can Year 9 students be doing?

Year 9 can be a pivotal school year, and there are a number of career activities that can be beneficial for your child.

older man handling pneumatic tool while teenage boy watches

03rd June 2020

What kinds of work skills does my child need?

Our children need solid skills to become employable, but deciding which ones to focus on can be difficult.

mum and teacher at school speaking to smiling young boy

25th July 2018

Having career conversations with your child

You can't predict their future career but identifying what your child enjoys can get them child off to a good start. 

16th March 2017

Is your child job-ready?

It's important to make sure your child is prepared for the workforce. 


blonde woman with red haired boy sitting at a computer, both smiling

23rd November 2015

Tips for career planning with your child

As a parent, you play a vital role in helping your child sift through their career options. Read on for a few tips to help you approach the careers conversation.

Your child's gap year options: working overseas

07th October 2015

Your child's gap year options: working overseas

If travelling overseas is on your child's radar, we explore some of the exciting gap year opportunities they may consider when they head abroad.

Workforce automation to hit young Australians over next decade

08th September 2015

Workforce automation to hit young Australians over next decade

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians has revealed that almost two thirds of Australian students are training for jobs that won't exist or are set to change drastically in the future.

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